It’s New Years 2012, I’m reflecting back as well as thinking about the year ahead, and I keep coming back to this moment of sparkly joy from a schoolyard in Ghana in 2009. It’s been the “answer” to a variety of thought-provoking questions I’m using to cull the goals that really matter to me from the book “Your Best Year Yet”. Have you ever made a list of the experiences that can, when recalled, viscerally take you back to the positive feeling state, sounds and smells of the moment? I’m lucky to have collected many but there are those that rise to the top for me every time. Take a few minutes and see what experiences bubble up for you as moments of pure, unbridled joy. They can act as a guidepost for better understanding ourselves and our personal values which ultimately provide the measuring stick for our success. I’ll be referencing my Best Year Yet plan throughout the year. If you’re looking for a goal-setting  methodology, check it out. I’m planning on many more moments of sparkly joy. Happy 2012!